What’s Included

Everything you need for fresh, organized content.

Bloggin’ Ninja’s many “Ninja Tools” help you easily find, develop and organize your blog and social media post ideas.
Whether you’re a Solopreneur, an Entrepreneur or part of a small marketing team, Bloggin’ Ninja has everything you need to quickly get your content marketing done. Here are just a few of the fab features you’ll access with every Bloggin’ Ninja membership:


With so many features, you can relax, explore, have fun… and still publish consistently! We’ve heard from our Ninjas “it’s so easy to use” and “it doesn’t even feel like work!” But what you can get done with these fun, flexible tools is hardcore marketing – without sweating it! 🙂


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What It IS

  • Brainstorm Ideas — millions of content ideas for your blog and socials, customized to your business

  • Write with confidence. The Writing Roadmap helps you quickly create authentic content for your brand. 

  • Organize all your digital channels (blog, all socials) on one Content Calendar for teams of up to 5

  • Track your marketing goals at a glace with simple yet powerful visual Goal Trackers

  • Stay on Task with a Deadline Buddy to text or email you reminders

What It’s NOT

  • NO Auto-Writing or AI — You are the expert in your biz and no one or no THING (a-hem, bots!) can be more authentic or authoritative. Genuine content is key; generic content is just noise.

  • NO Automatic Posting — We don’t auto-post; we help you stay on top of calendar with Deadline Buddy. He sends you friendly little reminders (via text or email) to let you know when things need to be done.

  • NO Generic Ideas — All suggestions are customized for you via our proprietary Ninja algorithm based on your profile, business, customer, industry and product or service. 

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Bloggin’ Ninja® is a bootstrap marketing platform packed with content marketing tools that help entrepreneurs tell their brand story.


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From your first blog post to daily content marketing tools, Bloggin' Ninja is the secret weapon you need to bootstrap your marketing.

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