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Tons of story-writing tools to help you develop amazing projects!

Writing Ninja is chock full o’ story development tools that will help you write your screenplays and novels like a pro.
Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, Writing Ninja has everything you need to easily develop the best version of your story — fast. Here are just a few of the fab features you’ll access with a Screenwriting Ninja membership:

With so many features, you can relax, explore, have fun… and write better stories faster! We’ve heard from our Ninjas, “It’s so easy to use” and “It’s fun, but it’s also a serious tool.” And we’re always adding new Brainstorm Boards®. Grab your free account so you can come in and play too!


Want some fun story writing tools?

Writing Ninja is packed with tons of story writing tools for your screenplay and novel projects
Writing Ninja is packed with tons of story writing tools for your screenplay and novel projects

Writing Ninja's Story Writing Tools

Just some of the things in our game-changing software 😉

    • Logline Generator: Create a concise summary that captures the essence of your screenplay in just 1-2 sentences. Used to generate interest in your project. learn more

    • Writing Roadmap®: Map out the critical points of your story, including character arcs, plot structure, and themes to stay organized and focused as you write. Use to make writing faster, avoid common pitfalls, and create a coherent, emotionally resonant story. learn more

    • MapPoints®: Break down your story's beats on your Writing Roadmap to ensure you have a strong structure and pacing by identifying key plot points and character arcs. This keeps you on track and focused while writing.

    • World Builder: Create detailed, immersive worlds by developing the setting, culture, history, and rules for your project. This makes rich, diverse settings for your stories that feel authentic and engaging.

    • Neno.ai: A one-of-a-kind Writer's Assistant trained on screenwriting, Neno.ai has been modeled and trained on screenwriting and will give you tons of creative suggestions -- customized to your project! Neno will guide you to create the best version of your project, offering help anytime you ask. learn more

    • Idea Generators: Discover fresh and creative character names & profiles, story concepts, premises, and characters for your projects. Get inspired, kick writer's block, and generate compelling new story ideas for your screenplays (and novels!). learn more

    • Character Database: create and manage character roles, backstories, and traits

    • Character Builder: Develop personalities by discovering a character's unique flaws, motivations, and relationships. Use to create well-rounded, multidimensional characters audiences relate to, empathize with, and ultimately care about. 
        • Backstory Builder: Explore the life experiences that shape characters and influence their actions and decisions within your story. Use this to develop a deeper understanding of character motivation and reactions within scenes.

        • Dialogue Tools: Discover a wide range of features that present you with vocabulary lists and explore patterns of speech based on age, education, and backstory. A cheat sheet for writing "realistic" dialogue that will enhance the authenticity of your characters.

        • Goal Builder: Discover and build the driving force behind your character's actions and decisions in your story. Well-defined goals engage audiences and provide a clear direction for your plot.

        • Idea Vault®: When you hear a bit of dialogue, think of a character name, or have any tiny glimmer of an idea but don’t quite know what it is yet, put it here! Forget cocktail napkins & emails to yourself; keep all of your story bits safe in your Idea Vault.

        • Obstacle Builder: Develop challenges for characters to overcome by creating physical, emotional, or relational barriers that hinder them from achieving their goals. These speed bumps create drama while forwarding the narrative.

        • Character Clash: Develop complex characters with distinct personalities and motivations to craft authentic, satisfying conflicts. When you pit characters against one another, you drive your plot forward with opposing traits and goals.

    • Name Generator: Choose unique names that fit your characters by considering their age and gender, as well as your project's time period and setting. The right name can go a long way toward creating memorable characters. learn more

    • Age Calculator: a quick tool to help you determine a character's age based on their birth year or age and the year the story takes place. Setting a specific age helps with consistency and accuracy in character development.

    • Treatment Template: Summarize your story, characters, and plot points in a concise (yet comprehensive!) way to highlight all necessary beats. It's like a blueprint for your screenplay.

    • Story Outline: Discover all necessary beats for your story, including...

      • Inciting Incident
      • Conflict & Raising Stakes
      • Plot Points
      • A & B Storylines
      • Theme
      • Plot Twists

    • Comparable Movies: Identify movies in the same genre or style and analyze their structure, character development, and thematic elements. Their strengths and weaknesses can inform your story choices.

    • Project Viability Calculator: Analyze your project's genre, target audience, budget, and marketability to estimate its potential success. Use this to determine if your script is doomed before you start writing (because its scope and earning potential don't match).

    • Beat Calculator: Guide your screenplay's structure by breaking it down into Acts and make plans for the timing and pacing of each major beat. Knowing where beats should hit ensures that your story flows smoothly.

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Writing Ninja is an online story development platform that makes it really easy for writers to create professional quality stories for screenplays and novels.


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