What is Writing Ninja?

A suite of online, interactive Writers Tools

The first step to selling your story.

Writing and selling a story, novel or screenplay takes time, right? Time to write the first draft. Time to revise. Time to find someone to buy it…. So why do writers invest tons of time in these steps, but so little in Step 1: Coming up with an Amazing Idea that will sell? That’s where Writing Ninja comes in. Our Writer’s Tools help you explore your story and develop a solid foundation upon which you can build, invest and sell.

Writing Ninja is a set of online, interactive Writer’s Tools that help you unleash your creativity.

Think of Writing Ninja as the first step in your storytelling journey, a place where you can brainstorm and develop your story before you write. When you really know your story before you write, you can breeze through your first draft. Then Writing Ninja can help you revise that first draft and polish it into a final draft, and even keep track of it as you progress through the sales process. Here’s what Writing Ninja will add to your quiver of writer’s tools:


Writing Ninja’s primary tool is a comprehensive set of 100+ “Brainstorm Boards” with more than 1,900 different questions, prompts, graphics and thought-provoking ideas to help you come up with your story.  Brainstorming before you write gives you a stronger story from the first page and allows you to write more freely, which helps you be more creative and productive. Fun!

There are 30+ other small tools and apps that include things like writer’s assistant apps (Deadline Buddy, Don’t Break the Chain calendar, Submission Tracker and Contact Manager) as well as creative enhancers like a Logline Generator, Character Name Generator, Plot Calculator, Ages Worksheet, Day in History Lookups, and much more.

Want to see what it’s all about?

Try a Brainstorm Board for free. You’ll be amazed how quickly your creative juices flow!

Want to try a Brainstorm Board?

About Us

We’re screenwriters who have taught (at the university level) and written award-winning screenplays ourselves. After years of requests from students, fellow screenwriters and writer’s group regulars to pulleeeeese publish our unique approach to brainstorming, we’re finally sharing here, with Writing Ninja.  Yay! 

Why create online? Why not write a book?

Instead of sharing our Brainstorming techniques through a traditional publishing medium, we decided it would be more helpful to create a reusable online tool. A workbook is finite; who wants to make copies and write your brainstorms longhand on paper? And a book can’t generate a random character name, safely store an infinite number of story ideas or, um, calculate the birthday of Santa Claus if he’s 256 years old this year. (Yeah, that’s how we get our ideas; we have a Writer’s Problem like “When would Santa have been a teenager?” and then we try to figure out a fun and easy way to solve it for others. “I know! An Age/Birthday Calculator!”) We have big plans for little Ninja Apps that will help make all of our writing lives smoother, easier and more enjoyable.


And with an online, cloud storage system, ideas are always safe and available, 24/7. Unlike that scrap of paper you wrote on and can’t find now. Or that list of ideas you keep on your phone… which you accidentally washed in your pants’ pocket… and is now sitting in a bowl of rice… and after two months still won’t turn on. (Yeah; that happened.)


Anyway. That’s who we are and why we’re making Writing Ninja. Oh! If you think of something that we can add, like a Ninja App or a couple of new Brainstorm Board prompts, let us know. We’ll give you a free lifetime membership if we add your idea to Writing Ninja. Because who better than creative writers to come up with ways to make our writing lives more fun and easy? We gotta stick together! 


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About Writing Ninja

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