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Build your brand story — one post at a time.

Bloggin’ Ninja® is online software that empowers entrepreneurs to confidently write engaging, optimized content, regardless of marketing experience. With Bloggin’ Ninja, you’ll discover customized ideas, quickly plan and write effective marketing content, and keep your calendar full of fresh, branded posts — all in just minutes a week.

The Never-Ending Cycle of

Content Marketing


Step 1
Find an Idea

Step 2
Plan & Set Goals

Step 3
Outline & Write

Step 4
Post on your Blog

  • This is where other marketing tools start; AFTER your “engaging, original content” is already written

Step 5
Promote on Socials

Step 6
Analyze Engagement

  • And there are TONS of services to track statistics, generate reports & measure the results of content

Bloggin’ Ninja is the only tool that gives you ideas & helps you write posts.

Bootstrap Marketing, Step by Step

Step 1: Find Ideas

Never stare at a blank screen again! Get a LIFETIME of custom post ideas based on your product/service, customer, and industry with our one-of-a-kind Idea Generator.

Step 2: Organize

 Add your social media and blog post ideas to your Content Calendar to keep you (or a small team) organized and ALL your socials covered.

Step 3: Write

Follow the step-by-step Writing Roadmap to quickly write optimized content by using easy, fill-in-the-blank Brainstorm Boards full of tips, hints, and hacks.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

It’s such a cool tool and so well-thought out. I am very impressed with how much time I save.

Maker & Small Business Owner

The whole Ninja process makes it sooo much easier to outline and write. It's a delightful help.

Columnist & Blogger

Upon starting Bloggin' Ninja, I felt like I had gained another member of our team... Now I have streams of content ideas at my fingertips.

Small Business Owner

I am new to the blogging world, so I was apprehensive… As I navigated through everything, I kept thinking oooo wow I can do this now!

Small Business Owner

Inspired to start (blogging again). I love the reminders keeping us on task in the calendar. This is an amazing tool.

Fitness & Nutrition Coach
An intuitive, user-friendly interface. The design is modern and stylish with clever touches that give it so much personality. I'm excited about the possibilities of what I can create.

Gina K.
Designer & Blogger
Before Bloggin' Ninja I had pieces of content ideas scattered across GoogleDocs, sticky notes, journals, and notes on my phone. Now, I not only have a place to store my ideas, but I also have a tool to help me generate the ideas!

Maker & Small Business Owner

If you’re going to invest your time into a content marketing strategy, invest in Bloggin’ Ninja to make sure that your content actually works!

Coworking Space Owner

Get MILLIONS of engaging ideas, customized for your business.

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Custom Built for

  • Small Business Owners
  • Small Marketing Teams
  • Content Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Mompreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Experts
  • Coaches
  • Influencers

Content Creators

Find fresh ideas, forever!
Social media campaigns. Blog posts. Newsletters. Developing creative ways to interact with customers can feel like running a marathon… on a hamster wheel. Feed your need to fill your feeds — with our Idea Generator!

Small Businesses

Soooo many fish to fry….
You’ve got a lot going on. We feel you! But now you can take “find time to learn online marketing” off your plate. Our Roadmap and Brainstorm Board® templates help you write fresh, engaging content in minutes.

Marketing Pros

Buh-bye, long meetings.
Plan an entire quarter of social media and blog post ideas for a four-person team in half an hour! Then use the Content Roadmap to quickly write optimized content and track team member progress at a glance.

Why is fresh content so important for your business?

According to analytics giant Alexa, the secret to increasing website traffic is

Produce engaging, original content, updated frequently

that provides real value to your audience.”

In other words… use Content Marketing.

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Bloggin’ Ninja® is a bootstrap marketing platform full of blogging tools that help entrepreneurs share their brand's story.


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