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Writing Ninja® is the secret weapon you need to take your storytelling to the next level. Our suite of creative tools helps you discover and hone your story so you can complete the best possible version of it — from your very first draft. From the first inkling of an idea through your final rewrite, our one-of-a-kind Brainstorm Boards® make it easy to create professional quality stories for your novels & screenplays.
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Game-Changing Story Development Tools

• Develop your screenplay or novel like a Pro!
• Transform swirling thoughts into structured stories.
• Have five minutes? Build your story one piece at a time.
• Brainstorm your way out of corners and beat writer’s block.
• Hundreds of pages of interactive tools to ignite your imagination.
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Time. We could all use more, right? And sitting down to “start my screenplay” can seem like such a big commitment. But what if you could do it five minutes at a time…? Well, with Screenwriting Ninja, you can. Just a few minutes of playing with a Brainstorm Board® in your “spare” time will help you discover your story one piece at a time and help you shape those pieces into an AMAZING story. No matter how much writing time you have, Screenwriting Ninja allows you to invest in your writing at your own pace – and helps you keep track of your progress, so you can always pick up right where you’ve left off.

Writing Ninja helps you Find Time to Write

“Screenwriting Ninja allows me to get into creative mode really, really fast. Just a few minutes with Ninja and before I know it, I’m overflowing with ideas.”

-- K. Vickery

Writing Ninja helps you have better, faster, stronger writing

Know where you’re going, get there faster.

Instead of writing your way into a corner, not finishing or not being happy with your first draft, Screenwriting Ninja helps you quickly discover everything you need to know about your amazing story. Then when you start writing your screenplay, you can simply enjoy writing and finish quickly. Learn More

“I didn’t realize I’d been missing something like Screenwriting Ninja. Now I’m so much more productive; I’ve finished my script and have three more in the (Idea) vault. The Ninja has quickly become an indispensable part of my writing process.”

-- Veronica S.

Okay… but what is it, exactly?

Writing Ninja is a set of tools that helps you develop the best version of your story before, during, and after writing. Figuring out what you want to write before you start makes writing quicker and greatly improves your chance of finishing and writing the absolute best story you can write. Writing Ninja gently guides your creativity, ensuring you hit all the technical components needed for a script so you can just let the creative juices flow and have fun creating. Before you know it, you’ll have a finished screenplay or novel full of unique characters inhabiting an amazing story.
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By using Writing Ninja, you can:

  • Spark your creativity
  • Develop your story
  • Hit your goals
  • Finish your script or novel
  • Get noticed
  • Sell your work
  • Live your writing dream!

Your story. Realized.

Writing Ninja® helps you discover your story before you start writing, saving you time and making your writing stronger. Our Brainstorm Boards® and Ninja Apps™ help you tame the swirling vortex of ideas in your head so you can clearly develop the characters, dialogue, story, and world for your screenplay.
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Writing Ninja is an online story development platform that makes it really easy for writers to create professional quality stories for screenplays and novels.


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