Bloggin’ Ninja’s interactive tools help you generate blog topics, organize your Content Calendar AND write posts, step by step. Our Brainstorm Boards® walk you through prompts, quickly guiding you to amazing finished content.

Bloggin’ made fast, easy and stress-free.


Set up a quick profile (kinda like a dating site, but for your business!) and you’ll get thousands of customized blog ideas.


Brainstorm Boards® help you outline, format and write content. Hundreds of quick fill-in-the-blank templates make writing super easy!


The Ninja Content Calendar and Deadline Buddy® keep you (and your team!) organized and on track, sending customized reminders about fresh content.

Blog and get back to business™

Bloggin’ Ninja is your secret weapon to great content, fast!

With thousands of customized blog ideas, simple fill-in-the-blank templates and a helpful lil’ Deadline Buddy® to keep you on task, our interactive tools let you quickly check blogging off your ToDo List.

Authentic content is invaluable. Well written blogs, presentations, and newsletters allow you to engage your customer (and help your site rank in search engines!)

But after you’ve been posting for a while — or if you’re new to blogging — inspiration can get lost as you try to craft your ideas into a post, script or newsletter. 

The more you try to force an idea, the more frustratingly blank the page can seem. Writer’s block sets in. Stress builds. Deadlines loom. But… posts must be published! Content must be written! Ideas are needed! Gulp.

Launching Soon

Currently in development, Bloggin’ Ninja will publicly launch Summer 2019. If you would like to be notified of the official launch date, we can email you. Or if you’ve already seen The Ninja at a conference, meeting or writers group and would like to be considered for the Beta Testing program, please apply here.

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