Bloggin’ Ninja helps small businesses develop that elusive “Really Great Content” pro marketers always recommend. Using our powerful, intuitive software requires ZERO marketing experience, but provides 100% marketing confidence. Simply set up your fill-in-the-blank profile and our Ninja Tools guide you to developing, organizing and tracking a professional Content Marketing Campaign customized for your business.

Your secret weapon to fast, easy and stress-free content.


Set up a quick profile and our Idea Generator matches you with thousands of customized blog ideas.(It’s kinda like matching on a dating site, but for your business!)


Brainstorm Boards® help you outline, format and write content. Hundreds of quick fill-in-the-blank templates make writing super easy!


The Ninja Content Calendar and Deadline Buddy® keep you (and your team!) organized and on track, sending customized reminders about fresh content.

Blog and get back to business™

Bloggin’ Ninja is your secret weapon to great content, fast!

With thousands of customized blog ideas, simple fill-in-the-blank Brainstorm Boards®, and a helpful lil’ Deadline Buddy® to keep you on task, our interactive online tools let you quickly check blogging off your ToDo List.

Authentic content is invaluable. Well-written blogs, presentations, and newsletters allow you to engage your customers (and help your site rank in search engines!)

As a small business owner, no one knows your business better than you.

But with so many hats to wear, so many daily tasks to accomplish, there isn’t always time to lovingly “craft” posts.

And even if you do have time, it can be super hard to come up with fresh ideas week after week. Content Marketing demands a regular feed of fresh, unique content. That’s where Bloggin’ Ninja comes in.

Master Content Marketing in Minutes

Bloggin’ Ninja is an easy-to-use software platform that generates thousands of blog post ideas, simple fill-in-the-blank outlines, and creative prompts — all customized to match to your business and customers. 

With Bloggin’ Ninja, you can expertly tackle Content Marketing in a matter of minutes, regardless of writing or marketing experience.

So scratch “Learn Content Marketing” off your biz to-do list. You don’t need to; Bloggin’ Ninja’s got your back.

No “Spinning” Content Here

Your Voice. Your Brand. Your Expertise. FAST.
Bloggin’ Ninja is NOT some software that “spins” or rewrites other content. We have fill-in-the-blank templates and suggestions to help get messaging out quickly — while still holding on to your company’s authentic voice and brand. 

Now Accepting Applications

Bloggin’ Ninja is now accepting applications for membership. Why applications? Since we started Bloggin’ Ninja to give small businesses a fighting chance against the Big Guys with Big Marketing Dollahs, we want to make sure our “secret weapon” for Content Marketing stays in the right, small biz hands. So we ask all potential members to submit a super-simple 3-question application and website link to prove their status as a small business. Interested in applying? Please submit a Membership Application. (ALL small businesses are approved.)

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