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A never-ending supply of fresh ideas for your stories.

Inside Screenwriting Ninja, all of our writing idea generators serve up ideas customized to your project!

Looking for writing inspiration? Try one of our Idea Generators!
We have tons of fun generators for you to play with, all specifically designed to spark ideas for your screenplays (and novels! 😉)

Writer having trouble coming up with ideas.. then comes in and helps with his Story Idea Generator!

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Story Idea Generators

Screenwriting Ninja Idea Generators serve up fresh, creative, and customized ideas that help you develop everything from character names and profiles, to story ideas, concepts, and premises for your screenplays & novels.

Each generator is designed to tease out and enhance your best story ideas by serving up suggestions specific to your project.

Our unique Idea Generators make story development not just simple but exciting!

story ideas generator

Experience Meets AI Power

Designed by screenwriters with decades of experience (and boosted by, our one-of-a-kind Writer’s Assistant), our Idea Generators spark ideas through carefully curated prompts and fun, easy brainstorming techniques. isn’t some chatbot. He’s not going to dictate ideas or write his story. Neno has been modeled and trained on screenwriting and will give you creative suggestions that are customized to your story, guiding you to create the best version of your project.

Powered by your imagination and supercharged with, our one-of-a-kind Idea Generators are built into tons of our writer’s tools, making it super-easy to discover ideas that will entice, engage, and excite your reader. gives writers character traits for an Antagonist Profile and a list from the screenplay title generator.


What’s an idea generator? A writer’s tool that makes suggestions for stories.
Writing Ninja’s Generators help writers come up with story concepts, premises, and characters for their screenplays and novels.

Screenwriting Ninja’s Idea Generators
Dozens of fun tools to spark your creativity

Here are just a few of the generators in our Brainstorm Boards®, where (our one-of-a-kind ai screenplay generator) serves ideas customized to your project!

  • Character Name Generator — five ways to generate character names!
  • Character Profile Generators — for both Protagonists & Antagonists
  • Plot Idea Generator — get a whole lotta plot ideas to chose from
  • Logline Generatorwrite great loglines – fast! (see video above)
  • Screenplay Title Generator — good for novel titles too!
  • Theme Generator — have write a theme, or check yours
  • Antag-O-Meter — Antagonist ranking & profile generator
  • Conflict Generator — find tons of ways to impede characters
  • Script Idea Generator — get whole new, fresh story ideas

Here are just 3 of our generators:
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Discover Your Theme

Our simple yet powerful! fill-in-the-blank Theme Brainstorm Board® allows you to point and click your way to amazing Themes in under a minute.

In just a few clicks, our Theme Generator helps you discover the beating heart of your story: your Theme, or the underlying message that you want to share with the world.

Want to see it in action? Play the video –>

5 different Character Name Generators in Writing Ninja


Character Name Generator

Sometimes the easiest things can seem the hardest… like generating character names!

You’ve probably seen lots of different ways to find names… But bet you’ve never seen anything like the Suite of Character Name Generators we have in Writing Ninja!

With the ability to create names influenced by decade, location, popularity, genre, and more, you can view names by Sortable Table Lists, Click-n-Pick Menus, Wordclouds, or from Whether you’re writing a futuristic space story, a prehistoric kids’ show, or a modern thriller, our character generator names will help you create a cast of characters tailored to your project.

With 5 different character name generators to play with, you’re sure to find the perfect character name!


Logline Generator

Our one-of-a-kind Logline Generator is a super helpful tool for screenwriters!

After spending so much time writing an idea, it can be challenging to create a concise and compelling summary that captures the essence of your story in just a few sentences. But with our Logline Generator, screenwriters (and novelists!) can craft this oh-so-important mini-pitch quickly and easily.

After you answer just a few prompts in our Logline Generator, you’ll get tons of ideas (and a boost from if you want!) so you can craft a logline that hooks your audience and gets your story requested, optioned, and sold!

Writing Ninja's one-of-a-kind Logline Generator in action

Dozens of Idea Generators give you customized suggestions!
With every project you create in Writing Ninja, you’ll get dozens of generators to serve you ideas specific to your project’s story, characters, and world.

story plot generator: Click-n-Pick your way to a brand new story!

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story plot generator

Write the best version of your story.

With over 50 Brainstorm Boards® full of thousands of prompts and, you’re sure to always find a spark that sets your imagination on fire — and help you help you write professional-level stories.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, our Idea Generators can be the key to unlock your imagination, ignite your creativity and take your storytelling to the next level.

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