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Bloggin’ Ninja thought of everything— topics, audience, intended actions, SEO, and catchy headlines. If you’re going to invest your time into a content marketing strategy, invest in Bloggin’ Ninja to make sure that your content actually works!
Sarah Athanas

Co-founder, Groundwork

Before Bloggin’ Ninja I had pieces of content ideas scattered across GoogleDocs, sticky notes, journals, and notes on my phone. Now, I not only have a place to store my ideas, but I also have a tool to help me generate the ideas!

Amy Thornton

Founder, Birchstone Apothecary

Bloggin’ Ninja was truly a blessing for my brand. Like most solo start-ups, it has been extremely difficult to have an actionable and consistent content stream other than social media. Upon starting Bloggin’ Ninja, I knew that it would help change our content game just by the introductory questions. It asked a bunch of questions regarding our brand, customer and overall ethos in a way that was fun and thought-provoking. Once completed, I felt like I had gained another member of our team just by how it processed all of our raw data and now I have streams of content ideas at my fingertips. Never mind the fact that I can also have other members use the platform, track progress and set reminders for what we should be working on next. This app has made me fall in love with the weakest link in our brand and actually made it fun. I can’t express the value of this tool enough!!!
Kevin Rose Jr.

Owner, Unplugged Essentials

Blogging Ninja helped me to turn vague “one day I’ll build a blog” ideas into reality by helping me to clarify what I really want and saved me a ton of time.

Caterina Christakos

Author & Entrepreneur

An intuitive, user-friendly interface. The design is modern and stylish with clever touches that give it so much personality. I love the look of the dashboard, and the color palette is perfect. I’m excited about the possibilities of what I can create. In short, I love everything… Well done!

Gina K.

Designer & Blogger

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It’s such a cool tool and so well-thought out. I am very impressed with how much time I save.

Maker & Small Business Owner

The whole Ninja process makes it sooo much easier to outline and write. It's a delightful help.

Columnist & Blogger

I am new to the blogging world, so I was apprehensive… As I navigated through everything, I kept thinking oooo wow I can do this now!

Small Business Owner

Inspired to start (blogging again). I love the reminders keeping us on task in the calendar. This is an amazing tool.

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

It's innovative and can be used in many ways. I find ideas for my clients' social media needs, so it's not just for blogging.

Social Media Manager

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