Did You Know That Your Blog is the Center of the Universe…?!

When you have a solid content marketing strategy in place, your business blog can become the Sun in your brand’s universe.

Noi Sabal
In the social media universe, everything revolves are your business blog

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While it might seem rather dramatic to say that a small business blog is the center of anything, there’s actually a solid reason to make that statement:

Content Marketing revolves around written content.

That’s why your blog is the center of your marketing universe, or, at the very least, your brand’s Solar System.

Well-written, branded content is your brand’s sun; everything revolves around it. Without it, your online marketing can be dark and lifeless. But with it, your brand can shine through, and its gravitational pull can draw in sales from any corner of the digital world.

Wait… what?! 

To explore this idea, let’s go back to school for a lil’ marketing science.

The Science of Marketing:

Content is the center of your world.

The ultimate goal of any marketing is to get your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible. Then you can — eventually — convert them into customers, increase sales, and grow your business.

There are many ways to promote your brand in “real life” or the physical world: mailers, postcards, signs, mailers, ads, car wraps, posters, sign twirlers, or heck – even planes flying with banners over the beach!

So many ways to promote… but only one destination.

But as we know all too well, just getting eyeballs on some promotional material doesn’t automatically translate into sales. (Oh, if only it were so simple…!)

And in the digital, online world, there are as many options (or maybe more options!) for promotion: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, newsletters, websites, podcasts, press releases, review sites, guest blogging, search engines, email lists, ads…

all marketing campaigns lead to your business

But no matter how you promote your brand — in the real world or online — there is a single destination you want potential customers to visit: your business.

Whether you have a brick-n-mortar store or online business, you need traffic. You need to get people through the door or onto your site. Only then can people see what you offer, weigh their options, and make a purchase. If they can’t get to you, they can’t buy from you.

That’s why you need a blog full of well-written content about your brand and your business: to pull people into your site so that customers can learn about you online.

Because once you write an article on your blog (like this one you came to read on our blog), you can create posts on all your social media channels pointing to it.

These blog posts draw customers in from socials, right into your world.

Authentic, branded written content pulls customers into your brand's world

When you write authentic, branded content, search engines start to attribute frequently used words, phrases, and ideas to your brand’s products and services. So all the things you write about on your blog, over and over, become connected to your company. 

But, what does “authentic, branded content” mean?

It simply means talking about all the things you already know about your business. It means using the same words you say to your customers all the time. You know the ones — those things you naturally say again and again (and again!) when you talk about your “stuff” (whatever you offer or sell). It’s all the things your brand can’t live without.

For example, this article discusses how “well-written blog posts should be the center of any content marketing plan for a small business.” So those are three key phrases Bloggin’ Ninja customers might use in a search: “blog posts,” “content marketing,” and “Small Business.” 

So once this “Content Marketing Universe” article is written, optimized, and published, those words will help this post get found and served up by search engines.

We’ll also post a few little “breadcrumbs” on socials (versions of the graphics on this page, posted with text that includes those same key phrases from above) to draw people in. Then anyone – like you! – can follow the trail here to learn how to build their brand story using Bloggin’ Ninja.

EXERCISE: Write a gravity-inducing blog post!

Now, it’s your turn! Here are four steps to help you write a post that will bring customers into your brand’s world. 

1) PICK A TOPIC — Try writing a blog post about your product or service.  Why not write the same type of article that Bloggin’ Ninja suggested for me today, TitleTopic #43: “Bet You Didn’t Know (something about your brand, business, or product).” 
Don’t like this topic? We have hundreds of TitleTopics in Bloggin’ Ninja. If you’d like another idea, grab a Free Trial Account and pick one that resonates with you.

2) MAKE A KEYWORD LIST — simply jot down some of your brand’s most important words, especially as they relate to your topic. Don’t worry about finding the perfect words; search engines are going to start to find you more and more as you write more and build up your keywords. 

3) SET GOALS — Decide who you’re writing for and what you want them to do. When you know the Who, What, and Why of your post before you write, your article will be more effective. 

4) OUTLINE & WRITE — Decide on 2-3 of the main points/ideas you’d like to share. Making an outline creates a little map, making it faster to write and ensuring you reach your goals. Make sure you fill your article with your keywords from earlier to write your original content. 

Bloggin’ Ninja has a Writing Roadmap to guide you through all of these steps, ensuring you create authentic, optimized content, regardless of writing experience.

Once your article is written and posted on your blog, search engines will serve it up to customers when people search for the words or phrases you used in your post.

And the more posts you write, the more words get attributed to you, the more you get served up, and the more eyeballs you’ll get. So content marketing is a numbers game; the more posts you write, the more you’re found.

That’s why blog posts are the cornerstone of all content marketing. Your blog is the sun around which all marketing should revolve. It’s the magnet that’s going to pull people to your site, so they can learn about your brand, buy from you, and grow your business.

Ready to make your blog the center of your brand? Give Content Marketing a try! You can easily create gravity-inducing blog posts and pull your customers into your world when you write content with Bloggin’ Ninja.

Our digital toolset guides you through the entire process. Get proven, popular topics in our Idea Generator, outline and write in the Roadmap, and ensure you finish with optimized content that search engines will love. Use Bloggin’ Ninja to keep your business blog full of content that pulls people into your universe — and turns them into customers!

Want to write a post like this one? You can!

This is TitleTopic #43: “Bet You Didn’t Know…” It was developed, outlined, and written entirely in Bloggin’ Ninja. Grab your free trial to see how easy it is to create authentic content for your brand with our bootstrap marketing software.

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