Writing Road Map

Create well-written content quickly.

The Ninja Tools on the Content Roadmap take you through every step of content creation.


Never stare at a blank screen again.

The Roadmap provides easy-to-use tools that will unlock your unconsious and get your creative juices flowing.

Simply follow the steps in the Roadmap checklist (or do them in any order… or pick-n-choose the features you like!) and the Ninja Tools help you piece together optimized written content.


When you focus on just doing one small step at a time, you’re less likely to self-edit. And since Bloggin’ Ninja takes care of all the structure, you’re free to just write.

You’ll write faster and your content will be more authentic because you won’t doubt yourself. You’re just doing one little thing… and then another… and another…

Before you know it, you’ll have a well-structured, engaging post that’s optimized and ready to be found by search engines — and your customers!!


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Dr. John Stern, a neurology professor at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine, states that “people experience creative insights when they’re doing something else, when they’re distracted, when they’re not forcing an idea to come. (source)


Create content faster, easier, and more enjoyably.

Simply fill in the blanks to answer each prompt or question to write your content, one bite-sized step at a time.

You’ll be more likely to simply complete each one little task at a time… which actually means your writing faster and more honestly than you would otherwise.

The Roadmap not only unlocks your creativity but boosts productivity and professionalism.

  • Outline Organizer – Fill in the blanks to quickly generate content outlines

  • Writing Window – Use the outline to write & finish authentic content quickly

  • Keyword Keeper – store & manage all your high-value keywords in one place

  • Honest Optimizer – checklists to ensure you hit SEO goals, so your content can be found

  • Finishline – track progress, email content and wrap things up

Stop fighting your content.
Don’t struggle with structure. Don’t wrestle with words. Free your mind and write faster with Bloggin’ Ninja.

Start creating killer content now.
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