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A never-ending supply of fresh content ideas for your business.

Bloggin’ Ninja tailors suggestions to your product/service, customer, and industry.


93% of content marketers say writer’s block is their #1 problem.
We SO feel you!!! Filling a calendar with unique ideas week after week, month after month, can be hard!

Are you a fiction writer? Check out our screenplay idea generator

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Proven, popular topics

Bloggin’ Ninja’s unique tools flip the odds in your business’ favor.

Our Idea Generator makes it super-easy to find and develop topics that will entice, engage, and excite your audience.

With 16 categories of compelling topics full of thousands of options, you’ll always be able to find something to write about.

From “Brand Builders” through “Offbeat & Fun,” there are content ideas for every kind of business.

Do you know that 80% of people don’t go past the headline of a post?
Yep. Only 2 out of 10 people actually click through. Bad titles can lose most of an audience before they can get to your content.


Fast, optimized headlines

Point and click your way to amazing titles in seconds. Easily customize TONS of TitleTopics with simple fill-in-the-blank Brainstorm Boards®.

With just a few clicks in our Click-n-Pick Brainstorm Board® you can create a highly-clickable, SEO-optimized title.

Want to see it in action? Play the video –>

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We’ve done the research for you.

Our Ninjas scraped and analyzed millions of data points across the internet, from 65+ industries around the world, to curate a ginormous list of proven, well-performing, highly-clickable TitleTopics.

These are NOT generic topics; all suggestions are customized based on your Ninja Profile.

Just like a great dating site can match someone to ideal possible love matches, your Ninja Profile matches your business to the best possible topics.


There’s something special about every day.

Holidays, national days, days of the week, industry or business-specific days… Ninja’s got you covered.

With our special “It’s a Date!” library, you can browse an entire month of special days at a glance.
An exhaustive list of popular Days of the Week hashtags have the Top 50+ of the most popular tags per day, week and weekend.

When you combine all of the date-specific ideas with the thousands of options in the TitleTopic library and Idea Generator, you’re going to have more ideas than you know what to do with!

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