The Benefits

of Bloggin’ the Ninja Way

Do more in less time.

Develop and schedule your entire Content Calendar in MINUTES, not hours.
Our Ninjas have reported they cut content planning time by over 75%. They’re seriously productive and are able to create more successful content in less time.

No one knows your business better than you. But, who has time to write fresh content all the time?!

With so many hats to wear and a never-ending ToDo List, there’s not always time to lovingly write posts, right?

And finding a freelance writer can be SPENDY — and they won’t know your business as well as you. But Content Marketing demands a consistent feed of fresh, unique material.

Become a master marketer…

…without having to get a master’s degree in marketing!
Our Ninja Tools help you intuitively hit marketing targets — without developing a complicated master marketing plan.

You don’t need to know about formatting to write great posts. Our fill-in-the-blank outlines and checklists help you quickly write strong, optimized content that matches your brand.

Expertly tackle content, regardless of writing or marketing experience.

So scratch “Learn Content Marketing” off your ToDo List. Coz Bloggin’ Ninja’s got your back.




Write authentic, optimized content in minutes.

Connect with customers.

Find new customers and strengthen existing relationships.
Bloggin’ Ninja offers TONS of different ideas to connect, interact, and engage.

If you’re not talking to your customers online, who is? Don’t let competitors hog the social conversation and snag your customers. Get your brand and messaging out there! But… how?

Connect in ways you’ve never thought of before.

Our Idea Generator serves up millions of proven, clickable suggestions to give you fab ideas instantly. From creative social media campaigns to evergreen blog post ideas, you’ll easily cover and engage all potential customers with custom titles that make people CLICK.

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Bloggin’ Ninja® is a bootstrap marketing platform packed with content marketing tools that help entrepreneurs tell their brand story.


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From your first blog post to daily content marketing tools, Bloggin' Ninja is the secret weapon you need to bootstrap your marketing.

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