What’s an Affiliate Program?

A way for you to make money!

“Affiliate” – The Technical Definition

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where a business rewards affiliates (individuals or companies who tell others about us) for visitors they send to our site via their own marketing efforts (links on social media, in email, on a website, etc.). If that referred customer then becomes a paying member/subscriber to that business within 6 months of clicking on your affiliate link, you get PAID! 
Wait… what… how…?!

What This Basically Means for You:

If you sign up and tell people about Bloggin’ Ninja, you’ll get paid every time one of those people subscribe. Easy money!

It’s what everyone’s looking for now; an easy way to make money online without having to have technical expertise.


Passive Income is the New Cush Gig!


Passive Income is money you make while you sit on the beach. Or while you nap. Or while you… oh, I don’t know… run your business!!


Do you have small biz friends or are you a member of an entrepreneur group or class? Why not tell them how much you like Bloggin’ Ninja? Because when you do, we think you should get a little something for spreading the word; well, more than a little something actually…! We’re going to share 40% of whatever your fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers spend on their membership. We don’t pay in credits or anything; this is actual money, paid out to you every month the Ninja you refer stays a member. Every month!


So basically, if you get just three people to sign up, you’ve made enough to pay for your own Ninja membership (or whatever else you like to spend your cold hard cash on…!) And if you know lots of bloggers, well, we’re not very good at math, but these monthly payments can add up pretty quickly. Before you know it, you can be earning beaucoup bucks!!


Bloggin’ Ninja® is a bootstrap marketing platform packed with content marketing tools that help entrepreneurs tell their brand story.


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