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Bloggin’ Ninja® is a content creation platform that helps small businesses and bloggers develop optimized content for their digital marketing. Our unique online tools empower marketers of all skill levels to create amazing content with confidence. Discover engaging ideas, quickly write optimized content, and keep your social media and blog feeds full. It’s easy to create clickable titles and well-written, authentic content in minutes with Bloggin’ Ninja. For more info, please visit our Press Kit page

Below are the guidelines for using Ninja brand resources for Bloggin’ Ninja® and Writing Ninja®. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with ’em and only use them within these guidelines. You can copy elements (HEX colors, logos) below or download an entire Brand Bible package here:

Brand Colors

for Bloggin’ Ninja

Here are the brand colors for both Bloggin’ Ninja and Writing Ninja (blue for Bloggin’, orange for Writing). Copy the HEX codes below or snag ’em from the downloadable Bible PDF above.













Our Mascot

“Ninja Neno”

Who is the little guy?

His name is Ninja Neno and he’s an imp. Cheeky and a bit irreverent, Neno popus up often throughout the software, trying to make things a little more fun and lighthearted. (Coz life is serious enough, isn’t it?! So why not have some fun along the way?? 😛 )

The Story Behind the Name

“Neno” was the nickname of our founder’s dad, Len Sabal. (His baby sister, Geraldine, couldn’t say “Leonard” and started calling him “Neno” and, well, it just stuck!)  A fun-loving ad man from Manhattan, Neno loved life, creativity, and his family with all his heart. Always ready with a smile, advice, and a practical joke, Neno mentored Noi throughout her marketing career.

So when Noi was designing our Ninja mascot, it was good… but not quite right at first. It wasn’t until she pictured her father, laughing with what she called his “evil giggle” (a sly, inside-joke, “I can’t help myself!!” guffaw), that our ninja seemed to come to life. So we decided to honor his memory by dubbing our mascot “Ninja Neno.”

“You can do anything you put your mind to, Noi.” Thanks for always telling me to trust my gut, Mom and Dad. And thanks for continuing to make fun stuff with me as Ninja Neno!

He’s Always Right

Facing, that is! Ninja Neno should always be facing right, with his little mask ties sticking out on the left. He should never be mirrored or flipped.


Logos and Words

Official US Registered Trademarks

Writing Ninja’s trademarks signify our quality brand, products, and services and are valuable assets of the company. You may only use our registered trademarks in conjunction with our brand, features, and promotion and marketing of our services, and only in ways consistent with terms set forth by Writing Ninja, LLC.

  • You must not use our trademark in a misleading or negative way.
  • You must not use our trademarks in a way that violates applicable law or in connection with an obscene, indecent, or unlawful topic or material.
  • You may only use our trademarks as a currently enrolled, official affiliate or with written permission and must do so in accordance with our Trademark Policy and any brand guidelines we may publish.
Writing Ninja’s trademarks & registered trademarks in the United States
  • Writing Ninja®
  • Bloggin’ Ninja®
  • Idea Vault®
  • Brainstorm Board®
  • Deadline Buddy®
  • ® (the Ninja Neno mascot mark itself, regardless of color)
  • Fresh Ideas for Your Feeds™
  • Buh-bye Blogger’s Block™
  • Buh-bye Writer’s Block™
  • Content Creation Platform™
  • Content Marketing in Minutes™
  • Blog and get back to business™
  • Your secret weapon to really great content™


Names and Word Useage

Bloggin’ Ninja

The official name is always the more irreverent (and trademarked!) “Bloggin’ Ninja”  without the “g” at the end. An apostrophe is used in place of the “g.” It’s never “blogging” with the “g” in the name — always without.

Writing Ninja

The official name is simply “Writing Ninja” with a space between the two words and a capital W and N.

Ninja Neno

Just like the real Neno, Ninja Neno is flexible. He can be “Ninja Neno,” “Ninja” or just “Neno.” Whatever tickles you at the moment (as long as it’s on-brand!).

Ninja Wording

• Our subscribers are “Ninjas.”
• Our mascot is “Ninja Neno.”
• Our founder can be “Ninja Noi.”
• “Bloggin’ Ninja” and “Writing Ninja” may be referred to as simply “The Ninja” only AFTER the official name has been established. For example: “Bloggin’ Ninja is a content creation platform that helps online marketers with their content marketing. Using The Ninja makes creating content fun!”

Ninja Logos

The Ninja Family Branding

The official Writing Ninja logo has the orange Neno on the left. 

The official Bloggin’ Ninja logo has the blue Neno on the right. 

Textless versions of logos (with just Ninja Neno, no writing) are above in the Mascot section.

Below are several versions of logos.  While we provide color and font information in our brand bible, you may not create new versions of our logo; you must use one of the officially provided versions here.

If you need a specific file type/size/background, please feel free to reach out to us using the HELP button on the lower right of any page. (If you include the specs needed — file type, background, size, etc. — we can shoot a file right back to you, usually within a business day, depending on request volume.)


*click any logo to view for download


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