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We will pay you a recurring 40% commission on every subscription you generate using your referral link.

For the life of that referred membership!

Yup, you read that right: more than 11 bucks a month for every member you refer (forty percent of a $29 membership=$11.60 per month), for the life of the member’s contiguous subscription. So every month they stay a Ninja after using your Affiliate code, you get paid!

All you have to do is recommend Bloggin’ Ninja using your affiliate link on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. And you earn 40% of the subscription fee!! Whoot!

Why Promote Bloggin’ Ninja?

Bloggin’ Ninja is the easiest and most creative suite of blogging tools available.

,Bloggin’ Ninja has tons of Ninja Apps, including Brainstorm Boards®, the Idea Vault® and Deadline Buddy®, that can give any content marketer or blogger a distinct advantage by making their writing stronger, faster, and more consistent, allowing their small business’s online presence to stay current.

Bloggin’ Ninja is full of inspiration, giving customized blog ideas and fill-in-the-blank templates in a member-only Dashboard that is super easy to use. Our behind the scenes ninjas have taken decades of writing experience and turned them into amazing tools that spark creativity, keep you organized and on task and provide invaluable blogging insights — all with great support. In short, Bloggin’ Ninja is a great way to make anyone’s Blogging Life better!

And you earn 40% of every member you refer — for the life of their subscription!

For as long as they remain a member of Bloggin’ Ninja, you get paid! Why? Because affiliates are our partners and we want them to be happy and make money. Our affiliates can earn thousands per month, month after month, for as long as their referred Ninja stays subscribed.

Ready to start making money? Let’s do it!

We’re looking for partners, people involved in the writing world, not just individuals trying to generate income. We really need to make sure you’re the right partner for us, so please be sure to detail who you are and how you will promote Bloggin’ Ninja.

All you have to do is join our affiliate program by filling in the form below

 We manually approve all affiliates, and we’re a small company, so it can take a few business days before we can review your application. But once you’re approved, you can start promoting Bloggin’ Ninja and make money.

Fill out the form below to become an Affiliate and when you refer a New Subscriber and you’ll earn 40% of their subscription for the LIFE of their membership!


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Affiliate Program

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How it Works

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