#WheresNinja? Photobombing Mascot Picture Gallery

Our lil’ mascot, Ninja Neno, just loooooves to travel and explore. Discover how his photobombing “career” got started and check out pics from his latest adventures.

Noi Sabal

10-year-old Jake w/ Ninja Neno in Rome

It all started with our son, Jake, and his cousin one summer vacation. On a family reunion trip to Cuttyhunk, the kids made a little cardboard cutout T-rex figure (which they named “Om-Nom”). They spent the ENTIRE vacation trying to sneak Om-Nom into as many family photos as humanly possible. This made for loads of giggles and many, MANY blurry, unusable images.

Fast forward a few years and that giggly little boy running around attacking cameras with a T-rex has turned into a (slightly!) more serious teen. But the hilarity of photobombing still seems to be entertaining enough to warrant teen attention. Grandma took Jake on a super special European trip with (other!) cousins… And a Ninja Neno sticker took the place of Om-Nom the T-rex.

And so, Photobombing Ninja Neno became a thing. 🙂

Now I have a little Ninja sticker on a popsicle stick in my purse — ready to photobomb at a moments notice! — and we all have little Ninja stickers that we take with us on trips.

We have bunches of “Ninja Neno goes to Europe” photos from Jake and his cousins (but hardly any of the kids themselves for the trip!).

And thanks to the creativity and kindness of friends, family, and Bloggin’ Ninja Members, we also have photobombing Ninja Neno pictures from Los Angles, San Francisco, Orlando, Cape Cod, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Austin… Ninja Neno gets around! 😀


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“Om-nom” – the T-rex that started it all

The “Where’s Ninja?” Pinterest Board

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