Evergreen Content: What It Is & How to Use It for Your Small Business

Looking for blog topics that are “evergreen?” Here are 83 evergreen content tips to help you take advantage of this valuable blog post idea, boost your brand, and get more online traffic.

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Evergreen Content - blog post ideas you write once, then promote forever

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As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ve probably heard, “You really need to post ‘Evergreen Content’ on your website.”

But, what does that mean? What kind of content is considered “evergreen” on a business blog? How can you find evergreen topics for these oh-so-necessary evergreen posts? And why do you NEED to have evergreen topics on your blog?

Never fear, Bloggin’ Ninja is here! And we have all the evergreen info you need to know right here (in this, our very own evergreen article!).

Here are some evergreen content examples, an evergreen content definition, and an easy-to-implement evergreen content strategy that will help you do some serious brand building on your blog.

Evergreen Content: Definition

Evergreen Content is called “evergreen” because the topic is interesting now AND stays fresh forever — like perennial foliage that remains green and vibrant year-round.

“Evergreen content” refers simply to an article that is continually relevant to your business and brand; it is not limited to a specific time, season, or event. 

Often, evergreen content talks about the basics of your business or brand: the who, what, why, and how that builds a foundation for your brand online. These brand-building blog posts allow anyone to visit you online (on your website, blog, or social media accounts) and get an immediate feel for your brand.

8 Reasons to Write Evergreen Content for Your Business

A solid foundation of evergreen content is invaluable on your business blog because:

Evergreen is the New Black — Always in style, regardless of season or fads, evergreen content is always on-trend and ready to entice customers.

Evergreen is Social GOLD — You can post and repost links to evergreen articles on your social media accounts, over and over, driving a LOT of traffic to your site using just one post.

Evergreen is for Everyone — Your audience is basically anyone who will ever be interested in your business. (If they are not interested in THIS content, they’re probably not your customer.)

Evergreen is Branding on a Budget — By investing in a single writing session, but getting unlimited reuse of the article, you’re getting an excellent ROI.

Evergreen is Timeless — It remains relevant for the life of your business (well, as long as you don’t pivot & your biz remains the same!)

Evergreen + SEO = BFFs — Search engines LOVE content that:
is keyword rich — Evergreen posts tend to be chock full of Core Words that are important for your business naturally.
has lots of backlinks — Every time you post to your social media accounts with a link to an Evergreen post, you get SEO points.
gets people to stay & read — Writing great evergreen content means readers are more likely to stay longer — and the longer they stay, actively reading and scrolling, the more SEO points you get.

Don’t stress over what evergreen content to write! Our’ Ninjas scraped the internet and analyzed billions of data points to create our Brainstorm Boards. You can use Bloggin’ Ninja to click-n-pick your way to unique, optimized evergreen content.  Start your trial membership and play with the Ninja software for free for 30 days.

Time IS on your Side - great content lives forever

3. Time Is Not on Your Side

In the fast-n-furious world of disposable social media, the adage “Your 15 Minutes of Fame” can seem like a downright LUXURY.

A solid 15 minutes of grabbing enough people’s attention that it could be called “Fame”?! We’ll take it! But getting ANY viewers is getting harder and harder with each passing day.

Every new account on Instagram… every new Facebook Group… every new podcast, or TikTok collab, or Clubhouse room — they’re multiplying by the day, eating up more and more of your customer’s time and attention with each added post.  

Phew. It’s exhausting to chase socials.

But when you create Evergreen Content, you can stop and take a breath. You don’t have to chase your socials, trying to find content to keep ’em fresh constantly.

Because when you create timeless, authentic content, you can reuse it frequently. You don’t have to constantly find time to create content; you already have a library of evergreen content that you can pull from repeatedly.

You just post it on your site once, but then you can link to that one piece of content on your socials — 10, 20, 30 times over time.

Couple evergreen content with an auto-posting service for social media platforms, and you have a recipe for a whole lotta stress-free, hands-OFF marketing. Then time really is (finally!) on your side.

And! Strong, well-written evergreen blog posts that get consistent clicks/hits/visits over time are more likely to get picked up by search engines, delivering an ever-increasing stream of organic traffic year after year.

As a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or part of a small marketing team, you have to use your resources effectively, right? You want to get the largest return on investment — the absolute biggest bang for your buck!

That’s why evergreen content is SO valuable; it’s a HUGE EXPLOSION of bang for your buck.

Evergreen Content Strategy - write once, repost forever

4. Evergreen Content Strategy

Writing timeless content once and having the ability to use it over and over on socials is the main reason to write Evergreen Content.  

But what about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If you want this timeless content to get found, ranked, and served up by search engines, you need to make sure your evergreen content is SEO-friendly.

So let’s take a quick look at three key evergreen strategies to help you make an SEO-friendly plan:

Strategy: How to Write Evergreen Content for SEO

1: Choose an Evergreen Topic.
Here are some ideas from our TitleTopic Library, which has six categories packed with optimized Click-n-Pick titles:

  • Brand Builders
  • Helpful Ideas
  • Listicles
  • Editorials
  • Giving Back
  • Business Basics
  • Idea Generator — Bloggin’ Ninja has an Idea Generator that serves you blog post ideas based on your product/service, brand, and customer.

2: Plan your article’s Evergreen SEO before you start writing.

  • Keywords — Choose 1-3 words that are essential to both your article & your brand (keywords are usually your topic, like “evergreen content” is the topic and Core Word phrase for this article).
  • Title — Create an optimized title containing one or more keywords
  • Image — Find (or create) at least one image for the top of your post (you’ll need this for social promotion anyway, but did you know that posts with images get clicked 94% more than those without? Yep – images for every post!)  
  • Click-n-Pick Titles — our Brainstorm Boards® let you quickly create professional, optimized titles. 

3: Write an optimized evergreen article to get it FOUND

  • Opening Paragraph — Include your evergreen keyword in your first paragraph, in the 1st line, if possible (only if it reads well for humans!)
  • Image File Names — Use your keyword in the file name for the image (i.e. “evergreen-content-examples.png” instead of “IMG_2982.jpg”)
  • Body of Article — Sprinkle your keyword(s) throughout the body of your content. Shoot for using it 2-5 times (or more depending on length of post)
  • Honestly Optimize — Writing naturally, for human readability first and search engines second, should be your priority.
  • +Dozens More Tips — We have thirty-six (36!!) tips in our Honest Optimizer that will help you get your articles found online.

BONUS: Get customers to stay on your site by linking to other evergreen articlesAll evergreen articles should be about a timeless facet of your business. So, most – if not all – should lend themselves to being read together.

Like these ideas? Get more! Our software guides you to optimized writing — one fill-in-the-blank answer at a time.
Grab a free trial to get your evergreen ideas out of your head and onto your site — fast!

Planning your content strategy before you write makes your final content stronger – which is precisely what you want from content that will live (and attract customers and organic traffic!) forever.

While it might be tempting to skip this part, planning is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure robust, SEO-friendly content. Because what good is taking the time to write a fab article if it doesn’t attract as many customers and traffic as possible? 

Evergreen content Examples - blog post ideas for your business

5. Evergreen Content Examples: The Topics

If you’re thinking, “Okay, but how do I USE this evergreen content for my small business?”  don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Evergreen topics can vary widely depending on your business or industry. But after years of research and working hand-in-hand with small businesses to develop our bootstrap marketing platform, we discovered that every small business falls into one of these four categories:


Primarily sells or manufactures physical goods
Customers buy online or in-person


Perform tasks/work for customers, virtually or in-person
Provides intangible products


Blog to share News, Opinions, or Facts.
Does not sell Product or Service


Businesses that offer any combo of Products, Services, and Info.
Usually charges each separately

*As a general rule, Service companies won’t stock products; they create them on demand.
**While most business blogs share info, the INFORMATION category is reserved for blogs whose sole purpose is to inform, not sell anything.

Pick your business type (Product, Service, Info, or Combo). Got it? Okay, onward!

Next, we’ll check out a few evergreen post ideas and how to promote & recycle ’em on your socials.

To give you some practical, real-world evergreen content examples, we made up a few fake companies as case studies: 

Spirited Spirits Syrup — Small-batch maker of cocktail mixers — Product business

Performance Nutrition Corps. — Crossfit trainer & nutrition coach — Service business

The Lollipop League — Non-profit site for new moms to share parenting tips —Information business (if it also had paid membership, it’d be a Combo)

Totally Tubular Waterpark — 80’s-themed entertainment center with rides, food, and sundries  — Combo business

Instead of just listing the titles we made for these companies, let’s explore them together!

I’ll show you dozens of evergreen content examples inside Bloggin’ Ninja when you watch the video below. There, you can discover many different evergreen content ideas that you can use for your small business. Fun!

Here’s the video, packed with evergreen ideas:

Discover evergreen content ideas for your business in this video

Well, that was fun to make! I hope you got a bunch of ideas from it. Just picture your Ninja Wordcloud full of ideas (which we help you set up when you join) and how many super-valuable  evergreen topics you could develop.

When you’re a Bloggin’ Ninja, you’ll always have an idea — and a way to write it quickly (in our Writing Roadmap!)

Evergreen post reuse recycle

6. Recycling Schedule: Post, Reuse, Recycle

We often get asked, “How often should I reuse my evergreen blog post content?” 

This is one of the most challenging questions to answer without knowing the specific business. Different businesses, customer segments, and industries in general have different tolerances for reposting schedules.

So, the somewhat frustrating answer is… reuse it just enough — but not too much. 

It’s a balancing act between getting great ROI… and not pissing off your customers so much that they unfollow you ’cause you’re posting the same stuff all the time.

Luckily, we can personally help you figure out a recycling schedule — one-on-one!

When you sign up for a free trial to Bloggin’ Ninja, you can get a personal demo from one of our Customer Happiness Ninjas. Together, we can review your business, your current posting habits, and help you set up your Ninja Profile during that session. Just mention that you’d like to figure out an “Evergreen Recycling Strategy” and we’ll be happy to help!

Evergreen Brand Builders

7. Brand Builders are the ULTIMATE Evergreen Posts

Here at Bloggin’ Ninja, we’ve made it super easy to find ideas for Evergreen Content.

We have an entire section of evergreen TitleTopics in our Content Library. These “Brand Builders” are blog post ideas dedicated to building your brand online. There are tons of ideas — and every one of them is evergreen.

There are three main types of Evergreen Brand Builders: People, Places, and Things. (Original, right…? pfft…!) But these three categories cover almost all of the evergreen content you’ll ever need. (Add in a couple of FAQs and Editorials, and you’re totally covered!)

The 3 Categories of Brand-Building Evergreen Topics

Let customers know about you, your team, your vendors, and influencers in your world. Evergreen “People” Posts can be Spotlights, Interviews, lists of links, social media accounts… You can make it exclusively about you/your company, or you can tuck yourself/your brand into a curated list with other people/businesses with whom you’d like to be associated. Including yourself in a list of others not only imprints on your customers (“Oh, look! These guys are like that other brand I love.”), but these posts can potentially draw in the other brand you mention (and maybe you’ll get some cross-promotion out of it!)

Your location is a good solid, easy-to-write evergreen topic that is worth talking about more than once. When you write about it, you’re not only telling your customers where you are (or go), but you’re telling search engines! By putting your neighborhood, town, or city in multiple posts, you’re telling searches that your location is essential to your business, and you’ll rank higher for that place.

Promote your products, tools, or services, as well as activities, events, or information. Like the “People” category, you can promote just your stuff or include yourself in a curated list of other people’s things. Evergreen “Thing” Posts can lift your brand through association (as long as they’re in a similar space). On the other hand, don’t include yourself with others too far above your weight class — or in a different sport — because you want readers to think favorably of this comparison, not “Are they crazy? They’re not like (___)!” Similar, but aspirational is good in curated lists.

Blogger's Dozen is part of the Brand Builders, which is Evergreen Content

8. “The Blogger’s Dozen”

You’ve heard of a “Baker’s Dozen” before, right? Ah.. those 12 donuts are even sweeter when the baker adds that 13th “free” one in there.

Well, instead of a “Baker’s Dozen,” here at Bloggin’ Ninja we have the “Blogger’s Dozen” — 13 of the top brand-building blog posts that every business should have.

This core group of ideas makes it easy to create a fab library of evergreen content for your business. With our Blogger’s Dozen, there’s no guessing or wondering what to write because we’ve done all the research for you. We found thousands of the most successful small and medium brands online, gathered billions of data points from their top posts, and developed the essential group of blog post ideas.

These 13 blog post ideas are a bootstrap marketer’s secret weapon.

When you post 3 or 4 (or more!) of the Blogger’s Dozen on your business blog, anyone who comes to your company’s website can immediately get a feel for your business and brand. These posts let them quickly discover if they’re in the right place — and keep them there if it’s a good match.

This is a content strategy solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and any small business owner can start using right away to get significant recurring marketing returns from a short, one-time effort.

We went through a lot of the Blogger’s Dozen TitleTopics in the video above.

But you can also get access to all 13 Evergreen content ideas — and tons more! — inside Bloggin’ Ninja. So you can click-n-pick and make your own optimized title in seconds.

Our 30-day trial is 100% free – no credit card needed. Just sayin…! You could be digging through our billions of possible customized blog post titles and in a matter of minutes — for free!


Evergreen content topics are super valuable for your small business blogging. With enough evergreen content posted on your blog, you’ll have a fabulously solid brand-building online presence for customers to find year after year.

Want to become an online brand builder for your business?

Discover and write some Brand Building Blog Posts in Bloggin’ Ninja!

During your 30-day free trial, you can use everything — get all the Brand Builders, the Blogger’s Dozen, the Idea Generator, outlines, writing help, keywords, hashtags, social media blurbs, and blog post optimization… phew!

Before you know it, you’ll have new traffic and customers coming to your sparkling new evergreen content on your timeless, always-in-style small business blog. 

Because WHAT is the new black…? That’s right; it’s evergreen! 

Want to write a post like this one? You can!

This is TitleTopic #106: “(Explainer) ____: What They Are and How to Use Them” It was developed, outlined, and written entirely in Bloggin’ Ninja. Grab your free trial to see how easy it is to create authentic content for your brand with our bootstrap marketing software.

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