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**PLEASE NOTE: During free Beta Testing, personalized Customer Support is not available.**

Wait, what? “Why,” you ask?  Because right now we’re making Writing Ninja available for FREE while we’re still in development and don’t have a full staff yet. When we start charging subscription fees (after the Beta period, when all features are finished), we’ll be able to hire a support team.

Until then, you can shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. But ya know, we’re kinda busy squashing bugs (Ew!) so it might take a while… 

This isn’t forever; once we’re making money we’ll have immediate support available. But until then, we’re busy making the Ninja work smoothly and can’t offer personalized Customer Service.

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Over the past year, as Kevin and I spoke with people and showed them the in-progress Writing Ninja platform, a theme started to emerge. One which we didn't see coming, one that we didn't really hear at first:  "That's nice, but I don't write screenplays or novels. Do...

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