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Ambassador vs. Affiliate: What’s the Difference?

We have two branches of our partner program: Affiliates and Ambassadors.

The Affiliate Program is straightforward; you share a link, then get paid for every referral who becomes a paid member. Anyone can apply to become an Affiliate.

Our Brand Ambassador program is invitation-only. Becoming a Ninja Ambassador takes the Affiliate concept further and makes it more of a partnership, giving you full access to our Ninja Happiness Team.

Dedicated to helping you succeed as an Ambassador, our Ambassador Happiness Ninjas can help you with whatever you need: from whipping up customized collab art, creating customized coupons, or having a chat to figure out how you can promote and incorporate Ninja into your existing brand…. Whatever you need, we’re here for you!

While the Brand Ambassador program is an extension of our base Affiliate Program, as an Ambassador, you get added perks:

Exclusive Ambassador Perks:

• Get Six Months of Membership for Free Exclusively for invited Brand Ambassadors. Get full, unlimited Ninja membership for 6 months ($174 value)
• Exclusive Communications One-on-one support from our Community Happiness Manager via direct messaging, Zoom, Slack, or email, any day of the week.
• Training Materials We provide what you need to incorporate Bloggin’ Ninja into your existing channels, courses, or coaching (things like course outlines, suggestions, and handouts).
• 4 Ways to Earn Regular affiliates only get ONE: links. But Ambassadors can also write an article (see Cross Promotion below) or simply share discount codes or coupons to earn referrals.
• Cross Promotion We will promote your brand on our site and socials. Write an article for our blog & everyone who reads it not only learns about you but also becomes your referral. Learn how
• Customizable Discounts & Offers You can choose how you prefer to incentivize, share, and get referrals.

Basically, as an invited Ambassador, you get all the benefits of being a Ninja Affiliate AND the added perks of Brand Ambassadorship.

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