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Affiliate Creatives (Ads and Graphics)

Affiliate Creatives

Here you will find a collection of pre-made Bloggin’ Ninja ads you can use for your websites, email, and social media campaigns. There are graphics created in various sizes and aspect ratios to fit will for different places and outlets.


Below the Creative Title, you will find technical and use information for the item such as its pixel dimensions and where best to use the ad graphic.

HTML embed code

Below the ad graphic, you will see the HTML embed code for the ad. Simply copy this code and paste it on your website or anywhere you would like to place the ad. The embed code is specific to your affiliate account and contains your affiliate ID  ensuring any visitors that click on the ad will be registered to your affiliate account.

Brand Assets

If you would like to create your own ads or need Bloggin’ NInja logos etc. for your affiliate campaigns, you can find everything you need on the Brand Assets page. The link to the Brand Assets page can be found in the Affiliate Area below the tabbed section. Here you will find everything you need from graphics and logos to colors and wording.

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