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Did you know that Oct 30th is Checklist Day? Get some marketing checked off your list with Bloggin’ Ninja!

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Who knew the day before Halloween had a day of its very own?? Well, okay… we may have known some, right?

As witnessed by my teen years, I knew that Oct 30 was Mischief Night. (I may or may not have been involved in a group TP-ing of the house of the evil little troll of a man who tormented my little brother every chance he got… Hey, he made my lil’ bro cry — a lot! Just sayin…

And I totally understand why the day before Halloween would be deemed “Candy Corn Day” and “Haunted Refrigerator Night” (Wait – what?! Well, okay, that’s weird, but still, I get it coz it’s on theme with Halloween) — and even “Create A Great Funeral Day.” (Kinda creepy… but yeah: √ Halloween theme.)

But… Checklist Day…?! Where’d that one come from??

The night before Halloween, someone was like, “Vampire teeth? Check. Fake blood? Check. Candy bag? Check. Oh, I know! I’m gonna call today CHECKLIST DAY!” Pffftt…!

Or was it the day US Air Line Pilots Association first mandated using the first Cockpit Checklist…?

Whatever the reason, I’m glad today is Checklist Day. Because, I don’t know about you, but very few things make me feel more accomplished than checking things I’ve done off a list. The satisfaction of drawing that long line through a task is so satisfying that sometimes I’ll even add things I’ve already done to an existing list… just so I can check it off! 😛

Do you have a list of marketing tasks? Wanna get some blogging or marketing stuff DONE? Try Bloggin’ Ninja – we’ve got lots of ways to check stuff off your list!

We’ve got an optimization checklist… lists of blog post ideas on our Quarterly plans… and even our Writing Roadmap gives you BIG FAT Checks-o-Goodness. So you FEEL your progress as you make your way across your blog writing tasks:

See those big ole checkmarks…? Ahh… the satisfaction…! 

You can get tons of awesome content marketing done — and get the satisfaction of giving yourself checkmarks for every step along the way!

So, basically, if you try our software (for free!!) now, you can celebrate Checkmark Day every day with Bloggin’ Ninja! 

Want to write a post like this one? You can!

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