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Custom Slugs


Brand Ambassadors may create their own custom “slug” to promote for referrals.
A slug is the piece of the referral URL where there would usually be your username or ID. You can use a Custom Slug to hide/mask/change your real, internal username within a custom name/word/id.

For example, say your Brand Ambassador username is sarah, and you have an affiliate ID of 123. You may use any one of the default referral URLs:


As a Brand Ambassador, you can create a custom slug of any alphanumeric combination (no special characters allowed). So you could create something like ‘mycustomslug123’ to replace your username or id.

Custom Slugs can be used in addition to the defaults. Once the custom slug is set, you can use any of the above variations or either of these custom referral URLs:


Why Use Custom Slugs

Customized slugs can be more personal, more relevant to your brand or business name, more in tune with specific marketing efforts or campaigns, or even completely random. Or if you have an old or private username on your account that you’d like to keep private, you can set a new custom slug suitable for public, professional links.

How to Create a Custom Slug

1. Go to the Affiliate Area’s Settings tab.
2. Enter a slug in the Custom Affiliate Slug input field (found at the bottom of the page).
3. Enter the slug one more time to confirm in the confirmation field that appears.
4. Click the Save Profile Settings button.
5. To use your new slug, go to the Affiliate URLs tab. Your new custom slug appears above your Default. Copy/paste it as you would any referral url.
• Please Note: The “Referral URL Generator” button in the Affiliate URLs tab generates links ONLY for your original username slug.

*WARNING* Updating a previously saved Custom Slug breaks existing custom slug links.

Why do Custom Slug updates break links? Because there is a limit of one Custom Slug per Ambassador. So saving your custom slug a second time causes it to overwrite the first, which means all existing links using the older Custom Slug no longer work. (So, if you re-save/update your Custom Slug, remember to go out into the world and update all of your referral urls with the new Custom Slug. Otherwise you’ll lose referrals.)

Update your custom slug from the “Settings” tab of the Affiliate Area. There, you can also remove your custom slug entirely — or change it anytime, as frequently as you wish. (Just remember to update your links!)

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