Drumroll, Please… The Bloggin’ Ninja Launch is Finally Here!

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The first version of Bloggin’ Ninja is finally ready. Yay! Let the business blogging begin!

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Bloggin’ Ninja’s Fall 2020 Launch is here!

After 2.5 years of research, development, coding, and caffeine, the first version of Bloggin’ Ninja is finally ready to help biz owners and bloggers make their blogging lives better. Yay!

And it was a BUSY 2.5 years… We scraped the web for BILLIONS of data points to find the most popular types of posts. Used AI to data-mine the natural language patterns of thousands of blogs and titles. Assembled over one thousand spreadsheets full of MILLIONS of words and categorized them by sentiment, part of speech, and usage. And then we hand-crafted the Pick-n-Click titles using the statistics gleaned from billions of data points.

Basically… we did a whole lotta super nerdy stuff. 🤓

Now it’s ready to help bloggers of all writing and marketing experience levels quickly discover topics, Pick-n-Click their way to optimized titles, and then outline & write content with easy fill-in-the-blank templates.

A big fat THANK YOU to our first Ninjas!

We’re sooooo grateful to the small, brave group of small business owners, social media managers, small marketing teams and bloggers who poked, prodded and thoroughly tested our new Content Creation Platform.

Our investigative “Beta Ninjas” gave us thoughtful feedback and patient use, making Bloggin’ Ninja waaaaay better than it ever could have been if we’d made it in a vacuum by ourselves.

The scope of features our marketers requested helped us fine-tune Bloggin’ Ninja into a toolset even more robust than we’d originally set out to create. What was supposed to be a simple idea machine for solopreneurs ended up as a way for teams of people to brainstorm, write, and organize long-form content.

So yeah. There may have been a little feature creep from our originally planned Minimum Viable Product.

Okay — a lot of feature creep.

But it was worth it! Coz now Bloggin’ Ninja chock full of all kinds of marketing goodness, for all types of digital marketers. 😛 Woohoo!

NOT that we’re done making great stuff. No way.

We’ve just gotten all of our fab core features working and pretty.

Now we’re going to use all that research and data to fill up the Idea Generator with tons more Click-n-Pick Titles and custom Brainstorm Boards to help you write killer, authentic content faster. (And, of course, there will be some fun new features too!)

Curious to see what Bloggin’ Ninja’s all about? Grab a free trial and start mastering your marketing.

Or check out a quick video to take a peek at Bloggin’ Ninja in action

or watch our How It Works video over here

Thanks again to everyone who helped us make Bloggin’ Ninja. To all the lovely focus groups, our Content Campers, the workshop attendees, and the other entrepreneurs who gave us their time. Our mentors who questioned, suggested, pushed, supported, and made us see things we hadn’t thought of. You guys are the BEST!!

And especially to those brave, brave souls who have been using Bloggin’ Ninja since Ninja Neno was just a wee little white belt ninja. We SOOOO couldn’t have gotten him up to his kick-ass black belt status without the encouragement, feedback, persistence, and patience of you all.

So thank you, Beta Ninjas. We couldn’t have done it without you all!!!! 😘

Want to write a post like this one? You can!

This is TitleTopic #29: “Product Announcement.” It was developed, outlined, and written entirely in Bloggin’ Ninja. Grab your free trial to see how easy it is to create killer content in minutes with our one-of-a-kind software.

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