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The first rule about Bloggin’ Ninja: you do not talk about Bloggin’ Ninja.

Just kidding. We’re not Fight Club, we’re just some Bloggin’ Brainstormin’ Software. 🙂 But we kinda want to keep Bloggin’ Ninja on the DL. That way the super quick-n-easy content marketing software is reserved for those of us who really need it: small businesses without dedicated marketing departments. So that’s why…

Bloggin’ Ninja requires an application for membership. 

Small businesses everywhere are getting crushed by larger conglomerates. How’s an entrepreneur or small startup supposed to compete with businesses that have marketing departments that are larger than our entire STAFF? How are we supposed to have time to learn and money to spend on some big Content Marketing plan, when we have a day-to-day business to run? Well, that’s where we’ve got your back.

We started Bloggin’ Ninja to give small businesses a fighting chance against the Big Guys with Big Marketing Dollahs. Naturally, we don’t want those Big Guys getting their mitts on our small business “secret weapon”! So we ask all potential members to submit a super-simple 3-question application and website link to prove their status as a small business. Keep the Big Guys out, and the secret weapon, well, secret. 🙂

Don’t worry – every small business is approved. It’s just a formality, to make sure every small business who becomes a Ninja really is, well, a small business.

The second rule about Bloggin’ Ninja: Tell other small businesses about Bloggin’ Ninja.

We actually want to help as many small businesses as possible. So the more people you share Bloggin’ Ninja with, the more our Small Business Community has a chance against the Big Guys. Hum…. so really then, the first rule should read “You do not talk about Bloggin’ Ninja to big business — but tell everyone else.” 😉 

Ninjas makin’ Ninjas: referred applicants are expedited. Any application submitted with an invite from a currently subscribed Ninja gets expedited approval. So if you know someone else who uses Bloggin’ Ninja, ask them for a referral (a custom, private code). If not, applications are hand-approved and take up to three business days for verification and approval. 

To apply for the program, simply fill in the form below. Once we see you’re a valid small biz, we’ll send you a Ninja Code that will allow you to subscribe for any level Ninja Membership.

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Bloggin' Ninja Application

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