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(not that we’re counting or anything….)

We’ve set a date for Beta Test Launch: October 18th, 2019. 

“Woo hoo! Finally!!” we’ve heard from writer friends eager to dig into the Ninja. We hope to have the underlying infrastructure stable enough to use the Bloggin’ Brainstorm Boards and Content Calendar on October 18th. Then, if all goes well, we’ll follow up with a full Public Beta Launch Winter 2019.

If you’re interested in being a Ninja Tester (a Beta Tester), here’s what you need to know:

1. You’re probably gonna lose stuff and/or not have continuous access to the Ninja. While we obviously don’t plan on it, this is very pre-release software. So before you start using the Ninja for your writing, you need to be aware there’s a possibility you can lose work.

2. Being a Beta Tester grants you free access to the entire site. In exchange, you agree to provide feedback (in the form of periodic short online questionnaires) and Bug Reports when you find something wrong in the software (via a “Report a Bug” link at the bottom of every page).

3. Beta Testing is by invitation only. We are limiting Ninja Test memberships to people we know and trust, who we believe can help us make the Ninja better and can enjoy the software in it’s currently fluctuating state. So please understand that we can not give… the person you met once at a social networking event… or the friend of a friend… or the guy sitting next to you at the coffee shop…. a Beta Pass Code. Since things aren’t stable yet, we’re not ready to deal with the general public yet. (That comes in the Fall, we hope.)

4. To apply for the program, simply fill in the form below (or email Noi or Kevin). We’ll send you a Beta Pass Coupon Code that will give you a free membership good through Winter 2019. (At that point, we can seamlessly upgrade your account to a Full Account, so you can continue bloggin’ uninterrupted.)

5. To show our appreciation for your participation in making the Ninja better, you‘ll receive a free Annual Membership when we officially launch. 🙂

We hope to have the underlying infrastructure stable enough to open more than 1/2 of the Bloggin’ Brainstorm Boards to the Beta Program on October 18, 2019 (predominantly the Brainstorm Ideas, Write Posts, Schedule Content Calendar). Then, if all goes well, we’ll follow up with a full Public Beta Launch this coming Fall.


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