Character 4: Backstory
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  • Childhood
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Best and Worst

Any thing they've done or any event in their past they're proud of or enjoy reflecting upon? Is it something that they DID? Or was it something that happened TO them? How do they feel about it now?
Do you think this would impact their current life? Do they rehash this day or try to forget? Why is this the worst, above all others?
If they could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
Something they've struggled with in their life. Did they overcome it or get beaten by it? Were they afraid or invigorated? How did they feel about it at the time? How about now?
Where were they? Who were they with? What made this such a happy day? Why does it stick out in their current memory? Do they wish they could revisit this day?
What would this character think is strange compared to other people?

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