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Writing Ninja at EforAll Presentation

Ninja Tester Blog  (keeping you in the loop)   We're so lucky to be a part of this wonderful program for entrepreneurs, EforAll, or "Entrepreneurship for All." We're halfway through the program and have learned and done so much, we just had to share it. Here's a...

Known Issues as of Oct 31, 2017

In addition to the lists below, here are some current bugs/issues: BRAINSTORM BOARDS - Place Boards - only one Board is there, but it doesn't work (Finish and Save button is broken) BRAINSTORM BOARDS - Project Boards - only Board "Project Picker" is all...

Known Issues as of Oct 28, 2017

Homepage: Prompted for UN & PW twice (caused by private video??) PLACE: Full Report is broken (says you haven't saved anything yet, but you have). DASHBOARD MENU: Incorrectly drawing under other elements Checklists: Once item is done, checkmark causes...

Ninja Test Program

We've set a date for Beta Test Launch: March 4, 2019. We hope to have the basic Bloggin' Brainstorm Boards done so our bloggin' friends can start using it. Then, if all goes well, we'll follow up with a full Public Beta Launch by Summer 2019. Yay!
Hollihock Writers Conference

Hollihock Writers Conference

“Developing Characters & Dialogue for Screenplays and Fiction” Fully fleshed-out characters who speak with distinctive voices are hallmarks of a great story. While many writers “wing it” and create on the fly, taking a little time to brainstorm before you write can make your writing faster and elevate your first draft. In this workshop we’ll explore how to develop a character’s backstory and their objectives, discover how to create individualized nuances in dialogue (without going overboard!) and how to choose characteristics to maximize conflict and allow your plot to soar.

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Writing Ninja’s little sister site: Bloggin’ Ninja!

Over the past year, as Kevin and I spoke with people and showed them the in-progress Writing Ninja platform, a theme started to emerge. One which we didn't see coming, one that we didn't really hear at first:  "That's nice, but I don't write screenplays or novels. Do...

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