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Have you ever had the most AMAZING idea, one that just has to be told, one that’s unlike any other, an idea that you belive could be The ONE you’ve been working towards… and then lost it?! You can remember part of the idea… a hint… a glimmer…. And you know that you wrote it somewhere — on a scrap of paper or in a note on an app or on one of your old, defunct laptops. Somewhere, this AMAZING idea lives and it’s killing you that you can’t find it. Can’t remember the spark that was so amazing. Can’t recreate the magic, no matter how many times you try.

Well, now you can relax; Writing Ninja’s got your back.

Writing Ninja will keep a lifetime of your ideas in one safe, triple-backed-up place. While we’re starting up, for a very limited time, we’re offering an all-access, Lifetime Membership. We’ll keep all your writing ideas, glimmers, sparks, brainstorms and writing safe and secure for you. No one can get to it (unless you share your username and password!!) and you own all the copyrights to everything you create. Forever. One place. Safe. Ahhh….!

Oh! And you’ll be grandfathered in for all new content, features and will have UNLIMITED storage – forever – with the Lifetime Membership. Just a little something to think about while you check out our membership options: 🙂

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Writing Ninja’s little sister site: Bloggin’ Ninja!

Over the past year, as Kevin and I spoke with people and showed them the in-progress Writing Ninja platform, a theme started to emerge. One which we didn't see coming, one that we didn't really hear at first:  "That's nice, but I don't write screenplays or novels. Do...

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