Noi has always loved putting on a show. Whether it’s writing, creating or innovating, she’s been making stuff up for money since film school.

Starting as a tv show editor and motion graphic designer, Noi worked for Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, Fox, WB, ESPN, Discovery Channel and Sundance. Her cutting-edge digital video editing practices have been recognized on a national level, with Post Magazine profiling her on multiple occasions. Between editing gigs, she traveled the world teaching her innovative ideas for tech giants like Adobe.

Noi has also worked on viral marketing campaigns for book publishers and game companies, including national bestsellers for Penguin Books and Warner Bros Interactive. She’s written numerous screenplays, the latest of which garnered acclaim from six national competitions and was hailed as “fresh and funny” and “sharply written” by the Nicholl Fellowship (The Academy of Arts and Sciences).

Blogging since 2004, Noi has created sites generating organic traffic up to 3,800 unique visitors PER DAY — without spending a dime on SEO (proving that choosing the right URL and writing authentic content can drive traffic to sites – without spending a dime!).

Now she’s taking her freelance creativity on an entrepreneurial journey: Bloggin’ Ninja. For the past two years Noi’s been developing online software to help writers brainstorm, develop and write content.

To learn more, check out Noi’s site, or