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14-day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee

We want you to love your Bloggin’ Ninja membership


If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money within the first two weeks of your new subscription.

We firmly believe in and stand behind Bloggin’ Ninja, but also understand that it’s not for every writer. The only way to know if our Brainstorm Boards and other Ninja Apps are for you is to actually use them. So we give you 14 days to play with absolutely everything Bloggin’ Ninja offers, no limits or blackouts, backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

So go ahead. Sign up for your membership with the confidence that you can always get a full refund. Explore everything Bloggin’ Ninja has to offer for up two weeks. If you’re not totally happy with your Ninja experience, we’ll refund your entire membership fee.

But we’ll warn you now: we’ve found that once a writer experiences the rush of productivity that Bloggin’ Ninja unleashes, they’re so busy writing and using the Brainstorm Boards and Ninja Apps that they never look back. 🙂 So… if you don’t want to be a productive, creative blogger, don’t join Bloggin’ Ninja!

To learn more about Bloggin Ninja subscriptions, billing and refunds, please visit our Membership FAQ:

How about taking a Hiatus instead?

Instead of canceling your accout, or if it’s past the initial 14-day refund period, you can always take a break instead of canceling. We offer all Ninjas up to a 6-month Hiatus once a year. We don’t want you to lose all your hard work by canceling!  Learn more about Taking a Hiatus



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