Ninja Affiliate Program

We pay our Ninja Brand Ambassadors 40%!


How It Works

It’s pretty straightforward: You tell people about Bloggin’ Ninja, they become members, and you get 40% of their subscription fee — for as long as they stay a member! (Well, sure, there are more details, which you can read here, but that’s the basic gist.)


Here’s What Happens:



Easy, right? You tell people, they sign up, you make money while running your business or blogging!


What does this mean for me?

Once you become an affiliate, you get 40% of every sale you help us make. Recurring!!

So let’s say you refer a customer who signs up as a Monthly member. Then you make money EVERY MONTH they stay a member! If they’re an Annual member, you get paid 40% of the current Annual Subscription rate for every year they stay a subscriber! And Lifetime members? You get a big, FAT 40% payout right up front.

Why are we sharing so much of each subscription fee? Because we want to spread the word about Bloggin’ Ninja. We want to share the blogging LOVE and help small business owners!



 Who should apply?

We’re looking for affiliates who are small business owners and operators, as well as bloggers and writers, people or companies who can partner with us… to be a Ninja Brand Ambassador.

Ninja Brand Ambassadors should be people who use Writing or Bloggin’ Ninja, who believe in the product and can truly speak to its features and merits. As such, we can’t accept every Affiliate Application; we’re looking for the right fit — for both of us. 

We understand the value of being upfront with our relationships. So we’re very transparent about our expectations, our fees, and what you can expect for your payout amounts. So apply for the Bloggin’ Ninja Affiliate Program, and as soon your affiliate account is approved you can start referring people and earning! 



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