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Great! It’s super easy. We will pay you a recurring 50% commission on every subscription you generate using your referral link. Yup, you read that right: fifty percent! For the life of the member’s contiguous subscription. So every month they stay a Ninja, you get paid!

All you have to do is recommend Writing Ninja using your affiliate link on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. And you earn half of the subscription fee!! Whoot!

Why Promote Writing Ninja?

Writing Ninja is the easiest and most creative suite of writer’s tools available. Writing Ninja has dozens of Ninja Apps, including more than 100 Brainstorm Boards that can give any fiction writer a creative advantage and make their writing better, stronger and faster.

Writing Ninja is full of inspirational writing tools with a member-only Dashboard that is easy to use. Our behind the scenes ninjas have taken decades of writing experience and turned them into dozens of amazing tools that spark creativity and provide invaluable writing insights — all with great support. In short, Writing Ninja is the best solution for interactive writers tools, as it helps make the lives of novelists, screenwriters, game & world designers and creative writers better.

Last but not least, you earn half – 50%! – of every subscription, for the life of every subscription you refer. Why? Because affiliates are our partners and we want them to be happy and make money. Our affiliates can earn thousands per month, month after month, for as long as their referred Ninja stays subscribed.

Ready to start making money? Let’s do it!

We’re looking for partners, people involved in the writing world, not just individuals trying to generate income. We really need to make sure you’re the right partner for us, so please be sure to detail who you are and how you will promote Writing Ninja.

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We manually approve all affiliates, so it can take 3-4 business days before we can review your application. But once you’re approved, you can start promoting Writing Ninja and make money.

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